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  • The Ritz-Carlton,Xi'an

    Name: The Ritz-Carlton,Xi'an

    Type: Five star hotel

    Area: 60,000 Sq.M.

    Design Completion Date: 

    The Ritz-Carlton, Xi'an is located in the high-tech district of Zhongda International THE CITY, it’s a luxurious five-star hotel.

  • Hangzhou Raffles City Conrad Hotel

    Name: Hangzhou Raffles City Conrad Hotel

    Area : 50,000 Sq Meter

    Type: 5 Star Hotel

    Collaborator: AB Concept, Hongkong

    Completion Date: 2019/2


    Raffles City Hangzhou Raffles City Hangzhou is located near Qiantang River at the central business district's transportation hub, with total construction area of 384,868 Square Meters. It's the fifth Raffles City project in China invested by by CapitalLand. This complex includes one mega shopping mall, 5 star hotel, Grade A office building and service apartment. 


  • Holiday Inn Yichun

    Name: Holiday Inn Resort Yichun

    Type: five star hotel

    Area: 45,000 Sq.M.

    Project Completion Date: 2019.01

    Collaborator: ArchAsia, HBA

    Highlights: The hotel is located in Wentang town, famous for its Hot Spring which is rich in Selenium and closed to the Hot Spring source. There is one a basement level, four floors above ground and an additional wing with four floors. The total construction area is 31,904 m2 (excluding 13,237 m2 of commercial and equipment mezzanine), of which the above-ground building area is 20,780 m2 and the underground building area is 11,124 m2.

    iSLA is fortunate to cooperate with renowned international architects and interior designers ArchAsia and HBA, as the project's MEP designer, consultant, and on-site construction management (structural, architect, MEP and interior), assisting the hotel management company with construction on each stage.


  • Zhengzhou Minan Boutique Hotel

    Name: Zhengzhou Minan Boutique Hotel

    Type: Boutique Hotel

    Area: 36,000 Sq.M.

    Design Completion Date: 2018.12

  • Hotel Indigo Taipei North Taipei

    Scale: 4000 Sq.m.

    Type: Hotel + Mall

    Location: Taipei

    Completion Date: 2018/03

    Special non-traditional architect; high-end hotel; fashionable and detailed oriented design.

  • Le Meridien Taichung

    Scale: 50714 Sq.m.

    Type: Hotel

    Location: Taichung

    Completion Date: 2018/01

    Iconic building in Taichung.

  • Chuanzhusi Temple Theme Hotel

    Project Name: Chuanzhusi Temple Theme Hotel

    Location: Huanglong, Jiuzhai Gou, Sichuan

    Area: 104,000 Sq. Meters

    Collaborator:  KDL, Canada

    Highlights : Five star hotel in Jiuzhaigou

  • Neusoft Ximeng Healthy Resort Hotel

    Project Name: Neusoft Ximeng Healthy Resort Hotel 

    Area : 20,000 Sq Meter 

    Collaborator: WATG, USA

    Location: Yunnan, China

    Completion Date: Design Phase

    Highlights: Health themed high end resort

  • Neusoft Hainan Jinggu Mangka Resort

    Project Name: Neusoft Hainan Jinggu Mangka Resort

    Area: 20,000 Sq Meters

    Collaborator:  WATG, USA

    Completion Date: Design Phase

    Highlights: Health Themed High End Resort

    Location: Hainan, China

  • The Lalu, Chengdu (A49)

    Project Name: The Lalu, Chengdu

    Area : 500,000 Sq. Meters

    Collaborator: A49

    Type: Mixed-Use Complex,

    Location: Chengdu

    Completion Date: Design Phase

    Highlights : 6 star Lalu Hotel + high end commercial complex + 5A Office Building + high end apartment hotel

  • Regent Hotel Bali and Phuket

    Name: Regent Hotel, Bali and Phuket

    Area: 20,000 Squre Meter per project

    Type: Five Star Hotel

    Location: Bali Island, Phuket 


  • Lalu Hotel Qingdao

    Project Name: Lalu Hotel Qingdao

    Scale: 105,000 M2

    Location: Qingdao

    Type: hotel


  • Maritim Hotel Hangzhou

    Project Name: Maritim Hotel Hangzhou

    Area: 50,000 Sq Meter

    Highlights: First Germany High End 5 star + Hotel in Eastern China

    Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

    Completion Date: 2016/1


  • Amba Taipei Zhongshan

    Scale: 4000 Sq.m.

    Type: Hotel

    Location: Taipei

    Completion Date: 2015/04

    Design combines sustainability, technology and creativity, creates a modern vibe - cultural and refreshing, creative and fun, detail oriented and free spirited.

  • Chateau De Chine Hualien

    Type: Hotel

    Location: Taipei

    Completion Date: 2015/01

    Chateau De Chine is Hualien's premier 5-star family resort. Taking inspiration from the works of popular children's book author Jimmy Liao, the decor of Chateau de Chine Hualien is reminiscent of a fairy tale kingdom.

     Chateau De Chine Hualien is the first and foremost eco-friendly hotel in Eastern Taiwan. It utilizes the latest in water purification and rain-harvesting technology. All ingredients used in our gourmet restaurants are sourced locally from sustainable producers. The building built with environmentally friendly materials to help insulate and reduce air-condition usage. Solar panels help reduce electricity consumption from conventional sources. Indulge without the guilt and ease yourself into a sustainable, yet luxurious, way of life!

  • Shanghai White Magnolia Plaze and W Hotel

    Name: Shanghai White Magnolia Plaze and W Hotel

    Area: 110,000 Sq M

    Collaborator: SOM (USA), GA (UK), Benoy (USA)

    Completion: 2014/7

    Type: 5 Star Hotel, Commercial Complex

    The project is so far the highest building in west Shanghai, as a centerpiece of west Shanghai, located along the Huangpu River. The plaza consists of an office twower of 66 levels, two hotel towers, underground parking lot, and a series of smaller scale mixed-use buildings. 

  • Nanjing Sanwant Hotel

    Name: Nanjing Sanwant Hotel

    Area: 58,000 Sq M


    Type: Hotel

    Completion Date: 2014/6

  • Nanjing Ritz Carlton Hotel

    Name: Nanjing Ritz Carlton Hotel

    Area: 150,000 Sq. M.

    Collaborator: KPF(USA) ,Spin (Japan)

    Highlights: High-rise 5A Office Building, 5-star+ Ritz Carlton Hotel

    Completion Date: 2012/8 (Office Tower), 2014/4 (Hotel)

    Location: Nanjing


  • Nanjing The Lalu Hotel

    Name: Nanjing The Lalu Hotel

    Area: 235,000 Sq. M.

    Collaborator: SCDA, Singapore

    Highlights: 6-star Lalu Hotel + luxury commercial + 5A Office Building + Service Apartment

    Location: Nanjing

    Completion Date: 2013/12

  • Luoyang Buynow Commercial Complex and Luoyang Hyatt Hotel

    Name: Luoyang Hyatt Hotel

    Area: 111,000 Sq. M.

    Collaborator: BLVD, Hong Kong

    Highlights: Hyatt Hotel + Buynow commercial complex + service apartment

    Completion Date: 2013/12