Facilitate an environment for spiritual pursuit, not only because we are capable, because we believe.

创建属灵的氛围, 不仅仅是因为我们有能力, 因为我们相信。




  • Yixing Dajue Temple

    Project Name: Yixing Dajue Temple

    Scale: 42,500 M2

    Location: Yixing, Jiangsu, China

    Type: Religion

    Completion Date: 2005


    The Dajue Temple renovation project was initiated in 2005, with a total area of 42,500 square meters. The project includes Shanmen, Shanmen Boulevard, 18 Buddhas, Buddha's Xinghua, Main Hall, East Zen Building, West Jing Building, Fengyu Corridor and Buddha Square, Buddha Avenue and so on.




  • Mormon Temple, Taipei

     Project name: Mormon Temple, Taipei

    Area: 6000 Sq. M., 8 floors above the ground and 3 floors underground. 21.00 meters Heigh

    Completion Date: 2004

    Location: Taipei

  • Dharma Drum Mountain Main Temple

    Name: Dharma Drum Mountain Main Temple


    Type: Temple

  • Sin Dan Church

    Name: Sin Dan Church

    Type: Church

    Location: Taipei

  • Song Sen Church

    Name: Song Sen Church

    Type: Church

    Location: Taiwan