创造完美的环境, 珍藏过去, 仰望未来。

Facilitate a perfect environment to treasure the past, and envision for the future.



  • National Wetland Museum of China

     Project Name: National Wetland Museum of China

    Scale: 13,000 Square Meters

    Locatin: Hangzhou, China

    Type: Museum, 

    Coordinators: Isozaki Arata, Japan

    Role: MEP Design and Consultant

    The China National Wetland Museum, part of the Xixi National Wetland Park in Hangzhou City, is the largest wetland museum in Mainland China. It opened to the public on Nov 2nd 2009, covering 20200 square meters.  The museum serves as an educational tool to introduce the ecological importance of wetlands to a wide audience.  The Wetland Museum aims to promote public consciousness of environmental conservation and protection.

  • Library of Shantou University

    Project Name: Library of Shantou University

    Area :15,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: library

    Location: Shantou 

    Completion Date: 2004/2

    Project: The project was completed on June 18, 2009. The  construction area of the new library is about 21,000 square meters. The overall design concept is based on the Chinese thread-bound book. The external appearance of the book reflects the elegant structure of the Chinese style bookcase, while the interior space reveals the spirit of the traditional Chinese academy idea.  The final overall design of the finished building presents an "ancient Chinese knowledge of the modern interpretation".  Shantou University Library is known as the "the most beautiful university library in Asia."

  • Ping Dong Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

    Project Name: Ping Dong Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

    Location: Pingdong, Taiwan

    Type: Museum, aquarium

    Collaborators: KCMI, America

    Area: 100,000 square meters

    Role:MEP Consultation, Initial Design and Construction Drawings


  • Penghua Aquarium

    Project Name: Penghua Quarium



    Collaborator: KCMI