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  • Kunshan Puyuan Food Plant

    Name: Kunshan Puyuan Food Plant

    Type: industrial, food manufacture

    Area: 73,000 Sq.M.

    Design Completion Date: 2018.03

  • Namchow Shanghai Plant

    Project Name: Namchow Shanghai Plant

    Area : 120,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: Food factory

    Location: Shanghai

    Completion Date: 2013/7

  • Beijing Jingdongbei Optronics Factory

    Project Name: Beijing Jingdongbei Optronics Factory

    Area : 75,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: Optronics Factory

    Location: Beijing

    Completion Date: 2013/4

  • Amkon ATC3 Plant


    Project Name: Amkon ATC3 Plant

    Area : 3,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: factory, industrial

    Location: Shanghai

    Completion Date: 2012/6

  • TPK Xiamen C/F Plant


    Project Name: TPK Xiamen C/F Plant

    Area : 28,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: Touch Screen Plant, industrial

    Location: Xiamen

    Completion Date: 2011/7

  • Linyi Photovoltaic Cleanroom


    Project Name: Linyi Photovoltaic Cleanroom

    Area : 33,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: Photovoltaic Plant, industrial

    Location: Linyi, Shandong

    Completion Date: 2011/1

  • Wyeth Nutrition Suzhou Plant


    Project Name: Wyeth Nutrition Suzhou Plant

    hIGHLIGHTS: Associated International Firm – MWZ

    Area : 99,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: cGMP Plant, food industrial,

    Location: Suzhou 

    Completion Date: 2009/3

  • GE Healthcare Shanghai Plant Expansion

    Project Name: GE Healthcare Shanghai Plant Expansion

    Area : 5,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: pharmaceutical factory,

    Location: Shanghai 

    Completion Date:2008/6

  • SIG Combibloc Suzhou Plant

    Project Name: SIG Combibloc Suzhou Plant

    Area: 17,000 Sq Meters

    Completion Date: 2008/2

    Highlights: food package, factory, industrial

    Location: Suzhou

  • Motech Kunshan Plant


    Project Name: Motech Kunshan Plant

    Area: 30,000 Sq Meters

    Completion Date:2007/8

    Highlights: solar technology factory, industrial

    Location: Kunshan, China

  • Namchow Guangzhou Plant


    Project Name: Namchow Guangzhou Plant

    Scale: 30,000 Sq. M

    Type: Food, diary, inddustrial, 

    Location: Guangzhou

    Completion Date:2007/5

  • Shanghai Kingston Plant - 3rd floor


    Project Name: Shanghai Kingston Plant - 3rd floor

    Area:5,000Sq Meters

    Completion Date: 2006/04

    Highlights: memory disk factory, industrial

    Location: Shanghai


  • Waferworks Shanghai Plant

    Name: Waferworks Shanghai Plant

    Type: Wafer, industrial

    Area: 25,000 Sq. M.

    Location: Shanghai

    Completion Date: 2005/08

  • Chi-Mei Ningbo TFT-LCM Plant

    Name: Chi-Mei Ningbo TFT-LCM Plant

    Type: TFT, LCM, LCD

    Area: 90,000 Sq. M.

    Location: Shanghai

    Completion Date: 2005/04


  • Quanta Group R&D Center


    Project Name: Quanta Group R&D Center, Shanghai

    Area: 7,000 Sq Meters

    Completion Date: 2004/04

    Location: Shanghai

    Type: Laboratory, R&D



  • Kingston Shanghai Plant


    Project Name: Kingston Shanghai Plant

    Area: 25,000 Sq Meters

    Completion Date: 2004/02

    Highlights: memory disk plant, industrial

    Location: Shanghai 

  • Quanta QSMC Associated Plant

    Project Name: Quanta QSMC Associated Plant

    Area : 135,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: Quanta plant, industrial

    Location: Shanghai 

    Completion Date: 2003/12

  • Quanta F6 Plant


    Project Name: Quanta F6 Plant

    Area : 80,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: digital product plant

    Location: Shanghai 

    Completion Date: 2003/12


  • Ambit Shanghai Plant

    Project Name: Ambit Shanghai Plant

    Area : 42,000 Sq. Meters

    Type:  communication board, PCB plant,

    Location: Shanghai 

    Completion Date: 2003/09

  • Diebold Shanghai Plant

    Project Name: Diebold Shanghai Plant

    Area : 6,000 Sq. Meters

    Type: plant, office

    Location: Shanghai 

    Completion Date: 2003/08